Psychometrics: An Introduction by R. Michael Furr

Psychometrics: An Introduction

Book Title: Psychometrics: An Introduction

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc

ISBN: 1452256802

Author: R. Michael Furr

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R. Michael Furr with Psychometrics: An Introduction

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From a perspective that focuses on the meaning, purpose, and implications of key psychometric concepts, principles, and procedures, Psychometrics: An Introduction, Second Edition (by R. Michael Furr and Verne R. Bacharach) introduces the subject and study of psychometrics. It addresses these topics at a level that is deeper and more focused than what is found in typical introductory undergraduate testing and measurement texts, but is much more intuitive than what is traditionally found in the more technical publications intended for advanced graduate courses. By emphasizing concepts over mathematical proofs and by focusing on practical significance, this book assists students in appreciating not just how measurement problems can be addressed, but why it is crucial to address them.